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Files sent through this application are only intended for the specific receiver, sharing the files with other people is not allowed

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DataTransfer Is The Online Service For Sending Large Files Up To 10GB For Free! The Best Choice When You Need To Transfer Big Files.

Let's get started by adding large files and sending them through! :)

Have you tried to send large files through your email only to have the message bounce back? You thought your colleague or friend got that important file they needed, but it’s still sitting in your outbox. What do you do now?

DataTransfer offers a simple method for sending large files for free. No more breaking up large files into multiple emails or exporting to hard drives! DataTransfer is an online service that lets you send large files for free through emails or links in one fell swoop!

The average email service allows users to send files between 10 and 25 megabytes (MB) in size. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough for the dynamic file types and sizes you need to send. DataTransfer provides the best large file transfer service that’s quick and easy to use.

DataTransfer is an online service that lets you send large files and more data, up to 10GB, for FREE!

DataTransfer is for everyone:


DataTransfer allows you to transfer multiple big files all at once to your team for free. Completing large data transfers in one motion takes less time and increases efficiency and productivity!

Device Transfers:

Transfer big files from one device to another with DataTransfer’s large file transfer service. No need to connect other devices or purchase an external hard drive. Send large files at the same time with ease..

Photos & Videos:

Don’t let data compression ruin your photos and videos. Let your images shine bright and clear in full resolution when you send big files with DataTransfer! Retain the original high-quality of your family, vacation, birthday, memory, and outdoor photos and videos let your friends and loved ones see them the way they were meant to be seen.

How Much Can You Send with DataTransfer?

DataTransfer allows you to send files and data up to 10 gigabytes (GB) in size.

To break it down: 1 GB = 1000 MB. So, if the average email service allows you to send 10 to 25 MB, that means you can only send 0.01 to 0.025 GB!

With DataTransfer, the sky’s the limit. Start using our FREE large file transfer service today!

How does the DataTransfer service work?

data transfer
data transfer

Select the large files you want to transfer and enter the email address of the recipient. Optionally, include a message.

The files will begin uploading immediately after you click the "Upload" button.

Wait until the file transfer process is complete.

Congratulations, you just sent a big file!

You can also set these options when you send large files to customize your DataTransfer experience:

data transfer
data transfer

You can send large files by email and the recipients will receive a notification email. Or share by link by copying the url and sending it to everyone you want.

data transfer

The upload will destruct itself after all the recipients have downloaded the file.

data transfer

Your upload can only be downloaded by entering a password.

data transfer

Set the large file transfer expiry time from 1 hour to 2 weeks.

How to Send Large Files with DataTransfer

DataTransfer is simple and easy-to-use:

Step One: Add the files from your computer or device you wish to send.

Step Two: Input the email address you’d like to send the files to and what email you’re sending them from.

Step Three: Tap the “Upload” button. The transfer will start immediately and you’ll get a notification when it’s complete!

Additional Transfer Options

Email or Link

You’ll have the option to send large files as an email or retrieve a shareable link that you can send to your recipients.


The “Self-Destruct” option will eliminate your upload once recipients have downloaded it. You’ll also have the option to set a timeframe for the file to expire. We offer these options for increased security - once your large file transfer is complete, the data itself won’t sit on the internet.

Password Protected Download

If you select the option to “protect upload with password” your recipients won’t be able to download the files until they receive the password from you.

This provides added protection for your data and, in the event that you change your mind about what you’re sharing, you can maintain restricted access!

DataTransfer is the best choice when you want to send large files to friends and colleagues or transfer big files from one device to another. Transfer up to 10GB for FREE quickly and easily with DataTransfer. Try our online large file transfer service today!

The DataTransfer Portfolio

DataTransfer is just one of our free large file sharing services:

Transfer big files with other SaaS.


Share By Link offers free and limitless file sharing and supports large files up to 2 GB. There is no enlistment required and it is extremely simple to utilize. That is the information that is transferred is scrambled and secure. Sharing attachments chips away at versatile tablet gadgets. Assuming you know about PCs and have your web facilitating account, you can set up your server and keep your files on your framework.


This web service can send up to 50MB of information without enrollment, yet you should enlist if you need to send bigger files. The information will be sent by email. All in all, you should enter your email address and the beneficiary's email address. You likewise have the choice to incorporate the subject and message. SendBigFiles additionally offers premium and marketable strategies.


Large File Transfer permits clients to send files up to 30MB free of charge. This permits clients to see and oversee transfer history. The download of each file is restricted multiple times and the help is upheld by publicizing. Custom marking choices are accessible for strategies.


DropSend upholds 4 GB files and gives an electronic attachment point that can send up to 5 files each month. To send bigger files or send files more regularly, you'll have to transfer up to the base arrangement for $5 each month. Accessible with AES 256-bit security. The organization additionally offers venture plans for organizations.


Share compress can add files from your PC or the cloud, for example, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Premium people might have secret keys at any point to safeguard their files. It likewise offers the choice to share through email, as well as web-based entertainment accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Clients with a free file can send large files up to 500 MB. Proficient file clients can send up to 5 GB for each file with no termination date.


With the free Filemail account, you can send up to 30GB with the expectation of complimentary utilizing conveyance following and FTP downloads. Proplan offers a limitless greatest size and keeps your files accessible for 30 days. A field-tested strategy is accessible that incorporates the capacity to coordinate file email on the server and gives HTTPS support.


With MailBigFile, you can send up to 2GB for nothing, and the file will be accessible for 10 days. Up to 20 downloads per file are permitted. The expert variant can send files up to 4 GB. MailBigFile has a few business designs that proposition file following, custom marking, and secret key assurance.

Google Drive

Google Drive presents 15GB of free extra room, permitting you to share huge files like photographs and files in only a couple of snaps. There is additionally a reinforcement and sync choice, which is a valuable component.

If you as of now have a Gmail account, Drive is incorporated solidly into your email service, so you can't go past the straightforwardness of Drive. To "append" a file to an email put away in your Drive account, essentially click the Google Drive logo in the make window.

Transfer up to a paid form of Cloud Drive and get 100 GB of extra room ($2/month), 200 GB of extra room ($3/month), or 2 TB of extra room (that is 2,000 GB) for nothing. $10 update There is likewise a 10TB choice for $100 each month, so if you need to share a lot of huge files, you can pick a bigger bundle. Clients who pay for the redesign will naturally transfer up to Google One (if accessible in their nation of home), get a free 100GB update, share up to 6 clients, and get support from Google specialists.


Contrasted with a portion of different items in this segment, Box's business is more slanted. This doesn't mean there is anything but a custom element, yet admittance to file and envelope sharing requires the acquisition of a venture account (basically passage level) which expects something like three clients. Each expense is about $5 every month. There are additionally free capacity items and reasonable programming bundles.

This is a helpful security highlight because the files and organizers shared by these files can be secret word safeguarded, and Box is ideally suited for any individual who thinks often about the protection and security of their information.


MediaFire offers a fundamental 10 GB account, however, clients can get up to 50 GB of the free extra room altogether and approach an exceptionally simple sharing instrument. Be that as it may, albeit the most extreme transfer size of the past arrangement is 10 GB, even large files can be transferred with no issues. You can likewise buy 1TB of extra room for $4 each month.


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